On the Run, an iconic American/Canadian convenience store chain, looked to create a fresh, higher-quality on-the-go food offering by partnering with the renowned Canadian chain M&M Food Market. VML named and created the visual identity for Bites (translated in French as Bouchées), the chain’s new in-store kitchen. Our work brought a fresh, playful simplicity that paired exceptionally well with On the Run’s established brand.
The “B” icon is a signature brand element for Bites and Bouchées. It’s the unifying element that is used in all English and French brand expressions. When the icon is rotated, it becomes an “M” for “market.”
The custom, hand illustrated brand pattern brings personality to the brand and helps communicate a fuller brand story about the Bites offering and the On the Run experience. Three versions of the pattern were developed so that the brand could be expressed in all of it's locations.

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